Robot Hunters (Series Novels)

When Robots Rule, Resistance Must Rise


About The Author

My name is Roger Deutsch and I'm a software developer.  I've done a lot of work and learned a lot in the twenty-five years I've been doing that. 

My big project right now is software that will make it so you:

  1. Never have to type a password again.
  2. Never have to memorize a password again.
  3. Never have to make up a password again.
It's called C'ya Pass and you can learn much more at my other site:

About Robot Hunters

I have studied fiction writing and written since before I started my programming career.
I've always wondered if I could write a novel which could simply hold a reader's attention long enough that they'd read the entire book.
This is my attempt at that experiment.
I've got a lot of ideas & opinions about writing, learning to write and what makes writing great so I'll share those here.

Basic Plans For Robot Hunters

I plan on making the entire first novel free to read here and available from Amazon to read on your Kindle.
I will attempt to post a new chapter or partial chapter every day, so check back for posts.

Keep on learning, keep on writing,
~Roger  (November 28, 2016)